Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Using esxcfg-nas to unmount disconnected NFS datastores

A duplicate NFS datastore showed up on one of my ESX hosts after we failed over our NetApp storage. When I tried to delete the datastore the VI client threw an error saying "The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created" One of the datastore's had a (1) appended to it and the other was offline. HUHHH!?#. We did the first easy thing and restarted the management service. service mgmt-vmware restart. Didn't fix the problem. After doing some more research, we ran the esxcfg-nas command on all of our hosts. esxcfg-nas -r reconnected the datastore with the (1) appended to it and dropped the disconnected one.  We then just renamed the datastore to the original name and we were back in business.  esxcfg-nas -l to list all of the connected datastores to verify that everything is good again. Life is good.

So what was the root cause you ask? I wish I knew. Esxcfg-nas -r seemed to fix the problem but I'm still not sure what exactly happened to the storage. We failed over the NetApp head in the past but never saw this behavior before. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the white paper for esxcfg-nas:

esxcfg-nas White Paper

~ Scott March


manoj said...

I have seen this issue on one of my ESXi hosts- looking further into it.

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